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Mar 12, 2022

Introducing CyborgMC Skyblock & CyborgMC 6 Month Anniversary ❤️

Introducing CyborgMC Skyblock & CyborgMC 6 Month Anniversary ❤️

As of yesterday, we are celebrating the 6 month anniversary of CyborgMC - Specifically Earth Red & Pixelmon Emerald. It has been an incredible journey thus far, and continue to strive to create amazing content for our amazing supporters. It could not have been done without YOU!

Some of our achievements...

Over 130,000 Unique Members (as of 12th March 2022)
Holding over 400 concurrent users (peak 410 on 9th January 2022)
Over 25,000,000 views on YouTube
Reached 8500 unique Discord Members
Over 30 Discord Nitro Boosts
Over 13,600,000 Discord Messages (& millions in-game too!)

It's been an incredible journey so far - But we're not done - this is only the beginning of CyborgMC's long life.

In celebrations of such a large milestone, we have opted to run a 25% off Sale over the weekend of Skyblocks' release (next weekend). We will also be starting a number of giveaways in our discord (so make sure you're in!)


a brand new experience awaits...

Get ready, as on Saturday, 19th March at 3PM EST we will be unveiling our BRAND NEW CyborgMC Skyblock Server! We have been working on this for quite a while and hope that it will be an amazing experience for all our members

Server Information

  • 1.18.2 version base (this means all islands span from -60 to 320!
  • However, this does mean only 1.18+ versions will work on Skyblock.
  • The server will have seperate donator ranks to survival, and will be available one day before release

Server Features

  • Overworld, Nether & End Islands - Unlocked through Island Upgrades, take control of all dimensions and build unique islands for each
  • Pouches - As it is on Earth, use Pouches to get mobcoins, cash or EXP!
  • Daily Rewards - Get redeemables every day, without fail!
  • Furniture - Get chairs, tables & more for your island via /furniture
  • Smart Hoppers - Use Smart Hoppers to skip using dozens of them at once!
  • Custom Enchantments - Enhance your skyblock experience kitting out your gear, for PvP or for mob grinding at your base!
  • Harvester Tools - Like a hardcore grind on your island? keep mining the same crop and get rewarded through it, through sell boosters!
  • Achievements - Grind away at achievements to get to the top of the server
  • Mobcoins - Gain mobcoins by killing mobs and spend it in the custom shop!
  • & much, much more...

We have a HUGE range of content planned for skyblock and survival, some of which will be making itself to earth red/blue very soon! :D

and thats it! Skyblock will be open on Saturday, 19th March @ 3PM EST, with our store being available 24 hours beforehand.

The management team will be in a stage channel on release to take questions & answers and to show off some of the amazing content ❤️