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    1. Estebanf

      so first : have minecraft java edition or else it wont work, then go in multiplayer, then go to...

      so first : have minecraft java edition or else it wont work, then go in multiplayer, then go to "add server" then type in the name "Cyborgmc" on ip, type "play.cyborgmc.com" and yeah, be on 1.19.2 to play earths servers and idk about pixelmon
    2. Estebanf

      Shulkers spawners

      Estebanf Estébanf#5340 Shulkers spawners Adding Shulkers spawners in crates, like legendary spawners and mythicals i dont have any exemple, since it's very easy to understand this
    3. Estebanf

      The Darkness is coming.

      hmmmmm, damn i love bread!🥰
    4. Estebanf


      i do not like that and it is the reasons i will quit, and also, i liked the first map and stuff, not the skyblock theme hui and stuff
    5. Estebanf


      wait wha-
    6. Estebanf

      /pw arena

      Welcome to /pw arena© ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General Information well this is an arena to fight, that kinda it Where is it located? It is located on the beautiful server of...
    7. Estebanf


    8. Estebanf

      do it, it is for my sanity

      IGN : Estebanf Discord : Estébanf#5340 My suggestion is aimed at the server's website My suggestion, more like a MUST DO or i'll be sad, is to add like a thing, like to add a logo, like youtube and others websites have, and yeah, i guess it's easy to add since you already have a logo...
    9. Estebanf


      there's one?, sorry if i didnt saw it, i'm on my phone and i'm not the brightess
    10. Estebanf

      private msg

      add a private conversation like in reddit etc
    11. Estebanf


      add darkmode before my eyes be dead -idea by volce
    12. Estebanf

      This website cool

      yes it is cool, now like my comment or grandma wont give you cookies next time you see her
    13. Estebanf

      Suggestion on Staff Applications

      good idea i think but shhhhh for the moment, i aint very creative if you know what i mean
    14. Estebanf

      might wanna change that

      is that an error that it says "monthly", cuz it's each time you vote (7 times a day at max and 30-31 days a month so like 175 times a months) and i think monthly means each months, so one and not 175 times a month.
    15. Estebanf


      who else like bread? and which type?
    16. Estebanf

      curently on vacation :)

      curently on vacation :)
    17. Estebanf

      hey will there ever be some others servers type

      so will there ever be others servers like minigames, modpacks (other than pixelmon), other earths, just vanilla etc, and if yes, which ones are gonna be added and when, and if no, why?