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Survival Guides

Survival Maps

We recommend using our dynamic maps for Earth Red and Blue where you can view the worlds on each server and find a spot just right for you

Finding A Location

We recommend visiting our live maps where you can view the world in its entirety and locate an area of land to claim as your own.

Traveling the Continents

You can use the in-game Earth Transporter to quickly navigate around the 7 continents of the Earth and get closer to your desired country more quickly. You can do this by entering the command /warp or visiting the Iron Golem at Spawn.

Transporter Preview (Earth Icons = Continents)

Traveling to a randomized location

If you would prefer to visit a randomized location on Earth, The End, or The Nether you can also do this through the Earth Transporter. Simply use the command /warp and select the world you wish to visit!

Creating or Joining a Land

Creating or Joining a land is a simple process. Creating land allows you to claim areas for yourself on the server which prevents your builds and items from being modified by other players. Creating your own land is free, once you have found an area on Earth that you would like to claim run the following command:

/Lands Create (Land Name) EG: /lands create cyborgmc

However, you can also join the land of another player or of your friends if you wish to play with others! This allows you and others to use the same land and work together to build your empire. You can join a land by running the following command:

/Lands Accept (Land Name) Eg: /lands accept cyborgmc

To join a land you must first be invited by the landowner. The landowner can do this by running the following command:

/Lands Invite (Playername) EG: /Lands Invite Darkstar2508

Claiming Land

As you expand your empire you will want to claim more land on Earth as your own. Once you have found a chunk that you wish to claim, you can do so by standing in it and running a simple command:

/lands claim

Similarly, you can unclaim land that you have previously claimed by running the command:

/lands unclaim

I cant claim land?

If you're unable to claim land it may be for one of two reasons:

  1. You are not the landowner and don't have permission
  2. You do not have enough Chunks

If you are not the land owner, you can ask the owner to claim an area for you however it is up to them if they wish to do so or not. However, if you don't have enough chunks you can obtain more by purchasing a rank from our webstore at store.cyborgmc.com

Earning Money

Paying for items, creating new builds, playing with pets, and purchasing luxury items in-game requires in-game money. There are various ways you can earn it.

Setting up a Shop

One of the easiest ways to earn money is to set up a shop where players can buy items from you! You can sell any items you want at any price, and advertise your shop to players to get them to come and buy your items! Creating a shop is easy, the steps for doing so are outlined below:

  1. Place a sign on a chest that contains the item you wish to sell
  2. Leave the first line of the sign empty, this automatically fills with your name.
  3. On the second line, enter the quantity of the item that you wish to sell
  4. On the third line, enter S followed by the price you want to sell the items at; For example S 10
  5. On the fourth line enter the Minecraft Item ID of the item that you are selling.

Once you have completed all of these steps your shop will be created and it should look something like this:

Example ChestShop selling 10 Diamonds for $10

Joining a Job

Joining a job allows you to earn money for completing work. The amount you earn depends on the amount of work you have done and the level your job is at. You can join a profession or leave a professional interactively through the menu.

There are 10 jobs available to join:

Fisher, Miner, Woodcutter, Digger, Builder, Farmer, Crafter, Hunter, Enchanter, and Brewer!

You can access the jobs menu by running the command:

  • /jobs
Job Information Preview Example