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  • Another Currency


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    • My suggestion is aimed at currencies on the server

    • Hi, here's another suggestion of mine, so yeah, firstly, here's what my suggestion consist of, so basically,
      you could add a new currency like skyblock had, but, kind of different, like, by doing things of every days, like killing mobs mining ores, placing blocks farming wheat potatoes sugar can etc, [msg me on discord for more ideas] and many other daily activities you could earn some coins depending of the difficulty and rarety of the activity, like if you mine an ancient debris, you could get like 50, but if you mined a coal ore, you would like only get 2-5, and that would go with every actions that i said previously. also, i would call the currency "robotic coins" since the server is like in the theme of robots and stuff, so it would kind of make sense,
      then, what would be the currency for? well it could be for some items that arent sold in the shop like glow ink sac or even spawners, vehicles, elevator blocks, keys, armor, stuff, and yeah, you understand the point, and make items like keys and crate items (not spawners) cost a lot of coins, like for a rare key maybe 3000-4500 coins-idk about the price but it seems fair since you could just vote for one-, you could for the commands start with (rc for robotik coin) "/rc shop" for the shop, and here's few others command idea : /rc help (shows all the other commands), /rc info (infos about how to get coins and how it works), /rc shop [section], /rc shop, etc,
      oh and i almost forgot!, you could make it so we could buy some chunks per land (that would go beyond the max number of chunks per claim) for like 15k per chunk, you could also make it so we could buy a new crate with that, like the crate would only be able to be earned by these ones or the shop (irl$), and there would be custom stuff in it (stattrak plzz) and i got soooooooo many more ideas, like a currency is a hugeeee implementation, so if you would like all the rest of it, just msg me on discord, because it would take like maybe 4x all of what i wrote rn and would a complete mess, so i'm saving this for your sanity
      And here's why i think a new currency would be great for the server, like people like haze etc already earn a lot of money and it's kind of already found how to earn a hell lot of money, (ig spawner) so instead of nerfing every methods of earning money, you could simply make a new one and make it fair and not broken at the start -msg me on discord if you need help ;)- and therefore, make the server more enjoyable because there would be more goals to accomplish, and keep in some ways the player base motivated in some ways, and finally, msg me please i got sooooooooooo manyyy more ideas, and i think i kind of know how to make the currency not broken like it was at the start of last season

    • unfortunaly, i dont got any images to show since it,s like in my imagination and there's no way to take a picture of the imagination without drawing or do some stuff, and i'm kinda lazy/not good to do these stuff
      but yeah thanks for reading the suggestion, and yeah sorry for the headache xD