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  • /cashnote Amounts

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    Higher /cashnote values

    I understand having a max cashnote low but allowing a higher cashnote value of something like 1,000,000 would be better, plus if someone loses their money, that is a player mistake and therefore something staff needn't fix. You could put a disclaimer like "We are Not responsible for any mishandled money" which would guarantee staff wouldn't need to fix it.

    As well as this, /cashnote is not a well known command, and so anyone who does decide to risk placing high values of their cash in paper form would be more likely to responsibly handle their money. This leads to a far less likely chance of people losing money and problems being caused.

    Too low


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    Thanks for submitting this suggestion. After a review, we have decided to implement this into our server, and it should be active within the next week.

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