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    In early September 2021, we opened Pixelmon Emerald. This server had tons of work done to it but since being over a year old now, we knew it was time for a change and the server could be better. We have since updated a lot of code, done a lot of replacing, and overall improved the whole server. We do not believe that this is Pixelmon Emerald anymore. This is Pixelmon Android, the ultimate Pixelmon experience.

    Reset FAQ

    Will I get to keep my items?
    A: The only transferrable content to our new server is ranks. All other content cannot be transferred to the new map

    Q: What size will the map be?
    A: The new map is around 30k x 30k in the player world.

    Q: Will I lose my donator ranks?
    A: No, however, one-time rewards will not be reapplied.

    Q: Will there be a queue on release?
    A: No. The server will be joinable on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you spam the NPC before launch, you will be timed out.

    This FAQ will be updated with any questions asked in #reset-questions upon release of this thread. Come ask us if you have any questions!

    New Features
    We have a plethora of new features on the server for this reset, here are some of the biggest:

    New Gyms
    We have revamped how gyms work, you can now find each gym from the central hub of gyms through /warp gyms...

    Introducing Pokedex Ranks & Rewards
    We have added Pokedex ranks and rewards. From completing the Pokedex you can now earn yourself a large range of rewards from ranks, commands, crate keys, and more!
    • +3 extra donator ranks​
    • Fixed over 50 bugs​
    • Added access for ultra space, nether, end, and a player world​
    • Full crate revamp (7 crates)​
    • Added daily rewards through Postman (/postman)​
    • Reworked economy​
    • VoteParty rewards have been rebalanced​
    • Added PokeBingo Minigame (/bingo)​
    • Added Trivia Chat Minigame (Announced in chat automatically)​
    • Added Vote Streaks (/votestreaks)​
    • Added new command /setunbreedable <slot> (Allows all users to make a specific pokemon unbreedable)​
    • Added CUSTOM pokemon, such as Mineral Mega Steelix, Autumn Spiritomb, Autumn Victini, Autumn Milotic, etc.​
    • Donator ranks have been updated with more perks being added​
    • Donator Ranks menu has been updated to reflect the changes​
    • Kits now match colors to the ranks​
    • Hundreds of messages have been made remade​
    • GTS auctions will now show in discord as well​
    • Players can show your party in chat by typing [p1] - [p6]​
    • Added custom join messages (/joinmessage)​
    • Added custom tags (/tags)​
    • Added playerwarps for all players​
    • Added marriages (/marry <ign>)​
    • Added nitro boosting reward (/kit discord)​