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    Around this time last year, we began working on CyborgMC Survival with camman18. Almost a year later, seeing almost 200,000 unique joins with a peak of 400 players, we are ready to begin the next chapter of the server: Our 1.19 reset.
    This has been in the works since before 1.19 launched around a month ago, with almost every plugin being re-worked in some way, and a lot of outdated code and plugins being replaced and made more maintainable.
    We understand that lots of people will be disappointed by this reset - However, the map being 11 months old (once reset) and a plethora of other issues (the economy, crashers, being able to update), it was deemed necessary. We believe the vast majority will enjoy this fresh map with its new features.

    Reset FAQ

    Q: Will I get to keep my items?
    A: The only transferrable content to our new map are cosmetics and ranks. All other content cannot be transferred to the new map

    Q: Are you keeping the earth world?
    A: Yes. The new map will be an updated earth world to make use of the 1.18 caves.

    Q: What size will the map be?
    A: The new map is about triple the size of our current map, and our new resource world will be 10k x 10k each reset.

    Q: Will I lost my donator ranks?
    A: No, however, one-time-rewards will not be reapplied.

    Q: Will there be a queue on release?
    A: No. The server will be joinable on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you spam the NPC before launch, you will be timed out and not be able to join for 15 minutes. Both blue and red will have 130 player slots on launch

    Q: Will you be running with Mojang's new Chat Enforcement System?
    A: Initially, due to a lack of support from our server software provider we will be disabling secure profiles. However, once it is possible for us to do so comfortably we will be implementing the secure chat. Despite the outrage online of people who have not read the information posted by Microsoft, the system is designed to protect users and ban them from multiplayer upon extreme behaviour (we already report & have seen players banned from multiplayer for this) - Not only does this improve our servers' community but protects those who play.
    If you believe that the new Chat Enforcement System is bad for the game - leave the server. You will not be welcomed with any secure profile removal mods by our servers.

    Q: I just purchased (x) item from the store! I want a refund!
    A: All purchases made on or after the 9th August will be re-sent to the servers approximately an hour after release :)

    This FAQ will be updated with any questions asked in #reset-questions upon release of this thread. Come ask us if you have any questions!

    New Features
    We have a plethora of new features on the server for this reset, here is some of the biggest:

    New Spawn
    Earth has been given a fresh coat of paint and a new spawn! Here is some sneak peeks of the new face of Earth...

    Introducing the PvP Arena
    We have introduced a PvP Arena to Earth Survival and removed PvP from the main worlds. This is because of the amount of people who were unable to remove combat (or allow it) on the server.

    New Economy1660064998617.png
    Earth's Economy has been OVERHAULED for this reset. This includes the shop (/shop) and some edits to the store (/store). Not only has it all been redecorated, prices for common minerals and ores have been updated to reflect the 1.18 cave update, our new resourceworld and improvements from our last world.

    We have added /pets to the server, where you will be able to unlock a number of different pets (via donator ranks, events and crates) which will follow you around. They are super cute and you have the chance to collect over 50 of them!

    Tournaments is a new feature added to Earth, these run daily (and some weekly), allowing you to win rewards such as money and keys for the top 3 finishers for each tournament.
    There is a few different types of tournaments, including:

    • Most Blocks Broken in time
    • Fastest Crafter
    • Killing the most mobs in time
    • Catching the most fish in time
    Make sure to checkout the tournaments at /tournaments to get involved while they're active!

    New PlayerWarps1660065902718.png
    We have introduced new PlayerWarps to survival which are less laggy and allow for sorting. You can sort your PlayerWarps in four ways:
    • Average Rating
    • Number of Ratings
    • Number of Visits
    • Number of Staff Approvals
    The number of PlayerWarps is determined by your donator rank and will be updated on the store to reflect this.
    Staff Approvals is currently only for srmoderator+ and will be for cool builds, approved shops and other cool warps!

    • Updated the server to Minecraft Version 1.19.1
    • Fixed an issue where the server would reboot on boot, causing the server to take 5 minutes to reboot. This has been reduced to 45 seconds
    • Added ResourceWorlds - a world which resets once per month. This allows people to find resources they need without struggling on an older map.
    • Introduced a brand new spawn, featuring our robot mascot
    • ChestShop Help menu has been updated
    • Reworked the entire economy, including jobs, fishing, mining and shop.
    • VoteParty rewards have been rebalanced
    • CombatLog has been replaced to allow for less error-logs
    • Added /warp pvp as a designated place to PvP
    • removed pvp in the earth and resource worlds
    • /shop has been rebalanced and updated for 1.19 blocks
    • /shop now contains all colour variations of blocks
    • Donator ranks have been updated with more perks being added
    • Donator Ranks menu has been updated to reflect above changes
    • Holograms plugin has been replaced to allow for better RGB and less lag on the server
    • Kits now match colours to the ranks
    • Added /pets cosmetics
    • Hundreds of messages have been made RGB and have been given a new font
    • Pouches have been re-balanced
    • Vote Ranks have been re-balanced
    • Added Tournaments (see New Features)
    • Updated the vehicle shop
    • Implemented a new ChatFilter and antibot to prevent further issues with certain people
    • Re-developed PlayerWarps to be less laggy and have more options (see New Features)
    • Released our brand new website and store


    New member
    um I was wondering if I could get an unban on the reset day pls this guy named purple haze banned me for 7 days and then 20 more days?!!! pls im begging you-CupOtea046