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  • /pw arena


    New member
    Welcome to /pw arena©
    General Information
    well this is an arena to fight, that kinda it

    Where is it located?
    It is located on the beautiful server of Earth Red.

    Why does it exist?
    well this exist to let people fight for various reasons.

    What can i do here?
    you can do many things, like fighting and fighting, it is very varied, i swear!

    What are the costs?
    well the only cost is your own armor and stuff to fight, and 50$ to tp to the pw

    How are the rules enforced?
    well send a screeni to Estébanf#5340 on discord and the ppl will surely face consequences

    What if we combat log or anything?
    too bad, i dont have any responsabilities about that, you fight with your own stuff, so your own risks

    Playerwarp Rules

    no /speed commands above 1.69
    no /fly commands
    pvp always on in the arena
    no hacking obviously
    no elytras with swiftness potions to make you go slower etc
    dont abuse golden apple or god apples
    dont run away like a scared todler
    dont spam bows like a no brainer
    dont enter other's ppl fight like a third person in a relationship, no one like that
    dont use /feed /heal /god and all the commands in these types
    dont act like a ghost with invis potions
    No vehicles or pets!

    and also
    USE COMMON SENSE!1!!!!1!!1!



    30/07/22 - area under the arena in construction

    some pics of the place​

    some ppl that helped me built a wall around the arena
    some other that helped me build other thing
    and NL_PurpleHaze - PurpleHaze#4321 for the format of the thing lmao​