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  • Official CyborgMC Server Rules

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    The official rules of the server can be viewed below. Rules are necessary for Cyborg in order to provide the best experience possible for our players and to allow for a safe and fun environment. Staff are able to punish at their own discretion as needed in certain situations. If you believe that the punishment that was given was unfair, however, feel free to create a ticket in our discord through our #support channel or by filling out a ban appeal.

    Server Rules​

    • Usage of illegal modifications is not permitted
    • Do not advertise other minecraft servers or services
    • Keep swearing to a minimum. Bypassing blocked words is not permitted
    • Sending or spreading any form of IP grabbers or scam links is not allowed.
    • Usage of hacked clients is not allowed.
    • Do not spam in chat or spam players/staff in PM/Mail
    • Scamming other players is not allowed.
    • Harassment / Inappropriate language towards staff or players are not permitted.
    • All forms of griefing are not allowed
    • No racist, sexist prejudicial, or generally bigoted comments are permitted.
    • Abusing exploits (Block glitching, duplication etc) is not allowed.
    • Creating and using lag machines is not allowed.
    • Sharing other player's personal information in any way is not allowed.
    • Inappropriate skins/names are not allowed
    • Ban or mute evading is not allowed.
    • Encouraging other players to break rules is not allowed.
    • Do not impersonate or pretend to be a staff-member.
    • You may not use more than 5 alts, and may not use alts to boost your main account.
    • Players are not allowed to take Vehicles into the spawn region. If Vehicles are left here, staff will remove them and they won't be given back.

    Allowed/Disallowed Modifications List​

    This is the allowed/disallowed modifications list for all CyborgMC servers and must be followed when using any clientside modifications in your gameplay. When using modifications, common sense should be used as not all modifications can be listed here.

    Allowed Modifications
    • Optifine
    • LabyMod
    • Lunar/Badlion Client
    • Shaders
    • Schematics (Printer is disallowed)
    • Litematica (Easyplace is disallowed)
    • 5Zig, bspkrs, etc
    • ArmorHUD
    • PotionHUD
    • Kohi TCPNoDelay
    • DirectionHUD
    • ToggleSneak
    • Lighting Mod(s), such as Starlight
    • CPS Mod
    • Minimaps (except those which show entities)
    • Non-Gameplay Enhancing modifications (Tabby Chat)
    • Sodium, DynamicFPS, OkZoomer, DarkLoadingScreen (FabricMC Mods)
    Disallowed Modifications
    • Hacked Clients (Jigsaw, Vape, Hunzi, Wurst) or Ghost Clients
    • Autoclickers
    • BetterPvP
    • Damage Indicators
    • Macros
    • Better Sprint
    • Console Clients
    • XRay (Mods / Resource Packs)
    • Chest Finders
    • Any other PVP Enhancing Mods (such as J3 Ultimate)
    • World Downloader Mods
    • Printer
    • Easyplace
    Not open for further replies.