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  • Why Reset Cash?! (Survival Reset)


    New member
    What is your IGN : JOOMJOOMGA

    What is your Discord (ex. Fawks#0001) : JOOMJOOMGA#1774

    Where is your suggestion aimed : The Survival Reset

    What is your suggestion : Can we please PLEASE not reset our Money and our Inventory. Like seriously we grinded HOURS for those Cold Hard Cash and does Mythical Items, and your just gonna take that away?! If you actually reset our Money, I am quitting this server. Ngl Hypixel better.

    Have you got any examples or mockups : No


    New member
    I have a few mil that I have worked really hard to get, so yeah I understand your point of view. But consider the people with 500 mil. They practically run the server. Won't it be nice to have everyone reset and let other people have a chance to become the balancetop leader?