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  • Is there other option of resetting?


    New member
    Hi everyone, I'm Brain50609 in game, Brain#6115 in discord, also known as BigBrain.

    Not a few hours ago we are announced that we're getting a earth servers reset, which removes all our money, inventory and lands. What's remain on the other side, were the friends we made, our ranks and the perks we've purchased.

    No wonder that this has faced strong criticism and made most people left, isn't it?

    However, is there other options than this?

    Here I am presenting an idea I've come up with.

    This is, create 2 new survival worlds without removing old ones.
    The reset, to my understanding, is aimed for server updating to 1.19. Therefore, we can restrict that players can only join new worlds in 1.18+, while old ones can still be joined with 1.17.

    And how about the originally inherited ranks and perks? Well, there's 3 options for you to decide.

    First one, which is the easiest to be done, is by making that people need to pay for new world ranks and perks. The problem of this is, you staffs might be blamed a lot that the reason of resetting is only for money, and maybe more people will quit because of this.

    The second one, which is easy too since this is mostly what you want to do now but changed a little bit, is by giving free ranks and perks according to their original earth servers, but keep the ones in old server also.
    For example, if the new servers are called earth A and earth B, and I had tech rank in blue, then I will also get free tech rank in earth B.
    Another example, if I had alpha rank in both earth, then I will get alpha in both new earth servers.
    (Red→Earth A,
    Blue→Earth B)

    Third one, which is kinda impractical for it's complexity, is to let people select which earth they are sending their ranks to. This is also a solution, but seeing how busy will staffs be the following weeks, I think this can only be an idea instead of a real thing that will happen.

    As a conclusion, I hope that old earth will NOT be wiped out but kept.
    Personally, I like the second idea better, for it's not really hard to accomplish. Allow me to make this clear again, the difference between current plan and my second idea is that old earth servers will be kept, and ppl will get ranks in new servers if they had one in old servers.

    Thanks for your reading, and I hope you can reconsider your plans.


    Network Manager
    Staff member
    It would be too resource-intensive to continue running both current Earth servers alongside two new ones, and I'm afraid it's something that we cant do. By resetting it gives everyone a fresh chance, as well as it creates enough new space in the world for everyone to have a claim.

    If you wish to keep copies of your builds, you can use a World Downloader Mod to save them.