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  • Claiming with vote ranks

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    • Estebanf
    • Estébanf#5340
    • Claims/chunks obtained by the votes ranks when you already have a paid rank
    • My Suggestion would be that instead of getting claimblocks that have the same function of /claim or /selection, would be that it either :
      1 : can claim extra chunks per claim even if the limit of chunks claims is reached
      2 : just give more chunk to the limit of the chunk you can claim for every claims
      why i think so : i think having a reward after voting many times just to have another way to claim is a little lame you know, so yeah it's why
    • Have you got any examples or mockups which you could show us?1660844451325.png1660844520155.png


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    Thank you for the suggestion. We have made the decision to remove claim blocks from vote ranks due to numerous issues that have arisen from them, and as such this suggestion is no longer relevant.

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