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  • Land System (nations and ally functionality)


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    • Hi, so here's an idea of mine, so basically, as you may have seen in the land roles, there's a new role this season called "ally" which doesn't work as indented (i tested it etc.) So my first idea would make them work, and actually give a purpose to it, so like my idea would be to make allied lands' member being given this role if they aren't already trusted in the land, as the description of the role says, and here's why I think so is because then, we could allow some friends/people we don't trust as fully as some others, and therefore give them this role and yeah, not taking a place on the trusted player list (which have a max number depending on the role) and also if you see this as too op or anything, just make it so sending ally request cost like maybe 10k so people wouldn't abuse it and stuff

      and also my other idea concerning nations, so firstly, here's what i think should be done about this, so, to start, you should make them not able to contain for example more than 50 lands or so or then, you would have to pay a sever tax depending of the level and member of the last land to have joined, and a land couldn't join more than 5 nations at the same time so we cant join every nation at the same time and would have instead to make choice, and, here's why i think it would be great to activate this functionality, so, if you are a group of friend or you alone have a group of land that are near each others and are constituting a nation, it would make able to compare each group of land between each others more easily, it would also be grea. and here's something more for me than anything else, but yeah imma say it here, so since i own a like nation of around 40 claims in central america in red, it would be great know the exact statistics of all of the nation in total (members, chunks, money, power, etc)
      so i hope you red it all and add it in the server and yeah, have a great day!
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