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    Bruhhhh. Could someone give me a molten item please? I just spend 8 dollars on two keys and got 250k each time. I'm not kidding
    And a little while later I was attempting to remove traps under peoples houses in another players town, as having traps in your houses is against the rules, but I got banned from the village. I have asked the owner how I could make it up to them, but they did not reply. Is there a reason I was banned, or has someone hacked the server? please let me know,
    I had previously written some insulting words about the server at the beginning of season 2, as I was annoyed by some bugs on my end of the server. however an few hours later I began to regret this, and I attempted find the words so I could erase them, but I could not find them.
    Hiya purple haze! I got banned on the server, but I checked who banned me, and I can see then on your staff list. the ban screen simply said I was banned by "Console" and Is was banned for the reason "clown".